As a mother that is constantly traveling with my child, I have to find ways to make it purposeful. Sometimes we travel just to tourist-trap and eat good.

Our next adventure is #Vanlife and while we were brainstorming how to make it purposeful, I got hit with an idea.

My freshman year of college I was studying videography. I wanted to make an updated version of the docu-series, Eyes on the Prize, but thangs in life happened. But, I thought of a way to combine an almost forgotten passion with two things that are important in my life – travel and homeschool.

One thing that I’m wholly committed to is homeschooling/world schooling my child and helping/advocating/mentoring families that want to begin their own homeschool journey. New homeschool families always ask the same question:

Am I doing this right?

While there are individual state requirements, there is no right way to homeschool.

So, to make this next travel journey purposeful, I am going to create a mini series featuring homeschool families. Each video will show a day in the life of a homeschool family with a short interview at the end asking three questions:

1. Why do you homeschool?

2. How do you homeschool?

3. What advice would you give to a homeschooling family?

The Us School Project will be all about homeschooling.

I hope you follow our adventure and tune in!

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