Algorithms and Angel Numbers

You know how you can text your friend about something you want to buy on Amazon and then it pops up in your ads on your timeline?

This week, I was looking for an online D&D beginners class for Jayla. Today, we stopped at a nearby library and they’re offering a free drop in class on D&D tomorrow. The librarian that runs the program sat with Jayla for a couple hours and helped her create a character while I taught my classes. He had her working on math and strategy. She had to roll the die and add scores to complete her character’s stats…and some other D&D stuff that I know nothing about but I’m sure I’ll have to learn all about it with her.

The next day we returned to the library for the event, there were over thirty children participating but they were separated into three groups. Jayla loved the role playing game!

As we were leaving, I saw a sign about employment for census takers, which is one of her vocabulary words for this week. And, a recruiter was hanging up the poster. I asked her to explain the purpose of the census to Jayla. She did and explained it way better than I did.

Two lessons checked off for the day’s learning and it was FREE. We didn’t make it back to Chattanooga for the underground Civil War tour, Lookout Mountain, or Ruby Falls but my daughter made some new friends and engaged in an activity she was interested in learning about.

As the day continued, we had a few more coincidences. We had to make a store run and buy more padding for the bed/bench and Jayla asked me about a nativity scene we drove past. I asked her if she remembered watching a movie called ‘Star’ at my friend’s home last winter. I told her about the time I studied with Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The first thing we saw when we walked into the store…Star on DVD. The next day, when we sat in the laundromat, who approached us? A witness.

Things fall into place.

I know there are all types of ideologies and philosophies related to these occurrences, but I have a five hour drive ahead of me so if y’all wanna drop them in the comments, I’d be momentarily grateful.

Oh yeah, I didn’t really mention angel numbers, mine are 1234.

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