First 48 #VanLife

Now that I’m starting a new adventure I am going to start regularly posting here again. By regular, I mean once a week(maybe) I have a lot of things to do.

The level of comfort you can have when your on the passenger side of your mom’s ride.

So, we have officially started our #vanlife adventures and we’re headed to Illinois to meet with the first family that will be recording “For a Day in the Life.” That’s our YouTube series. We started with Minnesota’s Black Homeschoolers with Swag and we have some viewer submissions. The first goal of our vanlife is to showcase these families.

The second thing I want to do is visit as many roadside attractions as possible. Yup! I want to take a picture with the longest noodle and hunt for ghost in haunted towns. I want to go spelunking and study stalagmites and sledding across the white desert in New Mexico. We already have a list of oddities we plan on visiting.

Just to keep you up to speed, we have officially lasted 48 hours.

We took off around noon and had to make a few stops because I’m still working and Jayla has schoolwork to complete.

Here’s how it went down…

Can you guess all the places we stopped to work?

Next, we met with our first “Day in the Life Family” and they treated us to lunch! Their video will drop 12/24. Until then, you can catch up with some of the other episodes here!

Of course, we stopped for fun…

Mykel meets Verché.

When it was time to sleep, I thought I was ready to pull up in a Wallyworld parking lot and go to sleep. That didn’t really work out. We drove around until we found an apartment complex with off-street parking. I felt like Verché blended in a bit better. We slept well! (Well enough to be sleeping in a car in an unknown neighborhood).

Everything couldn’t go as planned and we had to make a few stops.

Much needed stops.

After filming with the Andrew’s family, we headed to Morton Abortuem to find trolls:

We found three trolls.

The next day, we headed back to Chicago and our adventure continued…

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