Imperfect Balance

I either plan way in advance or spur of the moment; that’s how I ended up owning another house in MN when I had no intentions of moving back. I was supposed to be planning my #vanlife adventure. I even thought I could be still for awhile…that didn’t quite work out. I’m hoping to give mini some stability but she loves this lifestyle and she’ll have high school and college to be still herself.

So, the plan now is to get my basement remodeled, rent out my upstairs and keep the basement for my own needs or use it as an AirBnB when I’m not there.

I wanted to get the souped out conversion van done buttttt the way my level of frugality is set up, I can’t see myself spending the same price on my van as I would on my basement. I’ll be going the homemade conversion route.

This time it will happen because I put a date on it and wrote it down: December 15. Once I write something down it’s damn near done. I’ll be taking an internet hiatus while I work on my fall classes, consultations, van, and home. I’ll pop back during my birthday weekend (August 26)!

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