Five Must Haves for Travel

The top five things you didn’t know you needed for long term travel. Compiled by myself and Jayla.

1. Superglue or a needle and thread

Umm, this is for those with the tendency to break, rip, and trip over their own two feet. Superglue is a quick fix for anything and if you have sewing skills you can fix rips.

Also works with #5. Turning a scarf into a quick bag may be needed if your bag comes up missing.

2. A spoon or fork (or just a spork)

Imagine you ordered your food for takeaway, it’s midnight, you’re hungry and can’t sleep because the mosquitos and flies tore you up like a buffet all day and when you go to open your bag, there are no utensils! That ish sucks, so I always pack a set of utensils.

3. Toilet paper/napkins/wet wipes

Not all countries utilize toilet paper or maybe the stall ran out. If you’ve ever came face to face with a squat toilet, you may want to do a full wipe down when you’re done. Be prepared.

4. Mouthwash

Maybe not a necessity for everyone BUT when I can’t brush my teeth I get aggy and after a long airplane ride the first thing I want to do is brush my breathe(yes, my breathe). Since the water can’t be trusted in all places, keep a travel size mouthwash to solve the irritation of not being able to immediately scrub them gums.

5. A Pashma/scarf

Cold, wrap up. Hair a mess, tie it up. Getting tore off by bugs, swat them Away. Also, a long enough pashma can be fashioned into a top or a wrap for the bottom half if you’re feeling bold.

Honorable Mentions:

Wash cloths – unless you want to use one towel and try to remember if you used the end with the tag to wipe your face or your ass (everyone doesn’t wash up the same).

Travel pillowcase – Jayla told me not to add this one BUT I have a pillowcase I travel with.  I you don’t care about what and where you put your face, that’s fine.  A t-shirt works too!

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