I Cannot Cairo

I’m going to keep this post short just like my stay in Cairo.

The whole trip got off to a rough start. I planned on getting my visa on arrival; however the ATMs at the airport were out of money and so was the currency exchange. We we sent from one person to the next until we were escorted to a working ATM which was pass the check in point. It was an entire (and excuse my language because I’ve been wanting to use this word for a lonnnng time but never had an appropriate chance to) clusterfuck.

The start of the trip wasn’t too great and I was already online looking for flights out that evening. I mean, I was so upset I posted in Wandering Moms and one of the moms reached out and put my in contact with a friend of hers in Cairo. They both convinced me to give Cairo a try.

Before things had a chance to turn around, I had another incident. I used the food delivery app and the driver attempted to force his way into our apartment. One thing I can say, the company stayed in contact with me during their investigation.

Eventually, things did turn around. The friend picked us up, we went to the mall, watched Aladdin, and that evening we visited Khan el-Khalil market.

The next day, I got a price alert for tickets out of Cairo, so I snatched them up.

That meant we had one day left. It wasn’t enough time to visit the ancient remains of the great library in Alexandria or to take a boat down the Nile. Unfortunately, as much as I tried to change my attitude and put my big girl panties on about the whole situation, I was ready to go.

On our final day, we got our tourist on and didn’t wait for anyone because we’ve been traveling. We’ve been confronted with language barriers and cultural differences, this was just the first time we’d been met with stale, rude ass personalities and the delivery driver triggered some past traumas. That’s not to say we didn’t meet some genuine people. I just couldn’t with Cairo.

We did make it to the pyramids and everything everyone has ever written about the touts are true. To wrap up our day, we headed to the Egyptian Museum which was absolutely-f’in-amazing!!

The first 48 hours weren’t that great but we made the best of the last 48.

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