A Whole Lotta Side Hustles

I moved out when I was 16. That only means I’ve been paying bills half my life. I don’t want to spend another 16 just paying bills. I don’t want my daughter to think there’s only school and work (I mean we volunteer and do our part to make the world a better place) but I want her to be free of finically constraints.

Circa 2003 – Camp Snoopy, Mall of America. I’d finish my shift and head to Sears or word doubles in food, park, and rides.

I’ve always had a main job and 1-3 “side jobs.” Even when I was making enough from one job from those side jobs, I still kept one. I guess I do have a fear. A fear of not having. And not material things but a place to lay my head, a fridge/pantry full of food. I don’t want to be in survival mode. When I used to read articles about living debt-free and that it required having multiple streams of income, I thought it meant multiple jobs. I knew very little about those other streams.

Hell, I owned two homes at 24 and didn’t know anything about property management, valuation, taxes, buyer/seller market, PIIP…nothing. I had to figure everything out and fill in the blanks. I had one house I bought using FHA and the other on a CD.

My goal is to have all seven streams. I don’t want to be rich, I want to be wealthy.

Fun Fact: My oddest side hustle was working as a phone (not sex) operator posing as a 225 pound weight lifter. The company gave me a profile, fake pics, and a landline. I had to read a manual and learn as much about competitive lifting, supplements, and nutrition as possible. I got paid .20¢/min for the first 5 minutes and .45-.80 for each minute after.

My worst side hustle: Rollerblading around campus with leaflets.

1. I bought rollerblades the day I was hired.

2. I couldn’t, and still can’t, rollerblade.

3. The leaflets were for on-campus apartments that I couldn’t even afford. I lived in a way off campus, shotgun flat apartment that I paid $425/month for.

How I’m currently getting those streams:

1. My regular income – teaching online.

2. Recorded courses, lesson plans, and material available on different platforms . Currently adding more lessons.

3. Renovating my basement to an apartment – rental income.

4. Stocks.

5. Looking into a commercial/retail building and franchises.

Currently following: Wallstreet Trapper

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