Conversations with the Kid

“Everything’s not about ponies and puppies”

How did this statue turn into a two hour conversation?

Well, it’s on the table at the home of the AirBnB we’re staying at. My daughter told me the statue makes her feel uncomfortable. I asked her why.

I know, because she told me, that turning everything into a teachable moment annoys her, but that’s okay. She’s gonna learn errday.

Really, we had a long conversation about intimacy and nudity. I never let her tell me something without explanation.

For example, we were walking to the nearby Aldi and damn near got ran over trying to cross the street (look right, then left, then right again – it’s all very confusing) and I said, “Bloody hell!”

She said she was offended. I asked her why and didn’t stop asking until she was able to provide an explanation and then adjust her word choice (precision of language – reference – Lois Lowry, The Giver). I just want her to think critically and express herself clearly.

(We say vagina – not cookie, pocketbook. I use four letter words around her and all types of colloquialisms)…

Back the the statue. I wanted her to explain why the statue made her uncomfortable. Was it the nudity alone? Was it the embrace? I wanted her to understand why it made her uncomfortable and if she would be able get pass the feelings or if there was something deeper than that. Of course, me being who I am, I get to explaining how acts of intimacy and nudity aren’t something to be shamed and discussing the history of clothing, and going on and on when she finally says, “I’m fine with nudity. I don’t care about kissing. I just don’t want to see it!!”

And she said it with her chest, okay!

So, I backed off and told her life can’t always be about puppies and ponies. But for now, I’ll let her have it.

We bypassed our nightly talk. I’m pretty sure she had enough of me this morning.

At what age do you start giving it to your child straight, no chaser?


  1. I say whenever they ask the question. It was sometimes hard to remember that not all questions need the level of detail that I may have provided.

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