Six Hours

She hit me with that invoice.

A few weeks before it was time to leave, I started working on completing my How to Make Money Teaching Online page. However, the videographer I hired corrupted all the files which meant I would have to start all over. Nope, didn’t want to do that. I already had too much to plan before takeoff.

So, my daughter offered to help and I accepted. She’s business minded, so we had a planning meeting and she slipped me an invoice when the work was complete.

Still, there was a lot to do (find a house sitter, contract lawn care, get consent forms signed, the list just kept on going). On top of that, my bestie planned a quick trip to Miami and Houston, and I had already planned to spend a week in ATL.

Now, there are six hours ‘til our flight departs. To save some dividends, I am flying out of O’Hare (saving over $500 flying from Chicago instead of Minneapolis).

Leave it up to my bestie, she made it a weekend getaway.

My mini and my bestie’s mini.
Willis (Sears) Tower

We did the tourist thing, hit the Willis (Sears) Tower, had deep dish pizza, and had a pre-birthday dinner turn-up. Now, it’s time to get on budget. My daughter will have her own credit card for the trip and have to track her spending. We’ll still be “doing school” while we travel this summer.

When I pay vs when she pays.

I’m taking the summer off and working on my page.

I can’t think of a place I haven’t worked #digitalnomad

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