My Name Is…

Let me re-introduce myself…

Jade Aliana, a traveling, homeschool mom to one.  In 2016, I sold my house and everything I belonged to, and I say “belonged to” because I had an unhealthy relationship with material things. 

My daughter and I traveled to eight countries in eight months*.  We were headed to India when we came up on some visa issues, health complications, and straight up homesickness.  Even though, when we returned to the US, we were undecided about where home would be.  A whole lot happened within that span of time (Atlanta ⇔ Minneapolis ⇄ Verche) annnnnddddd we’re ready to get back to it {insert high pitched cheesy squeals}!

Until departure, I will be posting a whole bunch of #TBTs, working on making my page and social media accounts more aesthetically pleasing, and wrapping up the details for my home and our trip(s).  I’m going to share all my tips for traveling on a budget, share my mini’s worldschool life, and drop some knowledge on how I earn income while I’m traveling.


I’m mostly excited about my upcoming travel plans because I won’t be working.

I’ll be focused on growing/developing/creating a new income venture and my non-profit**.

With that being said, I hope you’re looking forward to following my summer and beyond adventures!


**Let me write about this non-profit real quick. I really don’t like sharing ish until my ideas become a reality. I don’t trust people putting their doubtful, hating a$$ energy into my projects, but this has been a vision of mine since college.  I feel like if I share now, I’ll definitely get on top of the task I need to complete because I’ll have to prove I made it happen later.


*Greece(Athens), South Africa (Johannesburg and Soweto), Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), Germany (Koln), Morocco(Fez), Kenya(Nairobi), France(Paris),  Italy (Rome and Artena)


Currently re-reading: Sisters of the Yam, bell hooks

Currently listening to: Jhene Aiko, Hello Ego

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