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I’m finally back in the States.  The plan was to go to India after Nairobi; unfortunately, I didn’t have the visa requirement for my mini and we were unable to board.  From India we were going to fly back to the States – that didn’t happen.  We ended up staying overnight in the airport while I tried to figure out our next move.  I decided to just purchase new tickets and come home.  My other option was to reapply for the visa and still go to India but the flights would have cost more than my return flights.  I spent a few hours on the phone with the airline trying to see what could be done and ended up in Dubai.  Once we landed in Dubai a representative called me and gave me some more options.  I could take my original flight, which had a layover in Turkey, and catch my connecting flight back to the States or I could take a new flight from Dubai back to the States.  I went with the latter.  Somewhere between all those changes I ended up in Florida rather than Minnesota.  Due to the mix up, the airline booked a room for me at the airport and it came with food vouchers so I had no complaints.

I was trying to avoid winter.

Now, I’m back home and planning our next adventure.  There are several countries I want to visit but right now I want to stay stateside.  I didn’t realize how much I had missed my family and friends.  The new plan is to do a road trip across America, that way I can still catch a flight to my people when I want and it won’t take 16 or more hours and a few hundred dollars to get to them. I started researching Vanagons and RVs when I was still aboard but then I came across van/SUV conversions and thought that would be better for me cost wise.  I still needed a vehicle once I came back, especially since I haven’t decided how long I’ll be here.  I had my rental for a few days but went to the dealership and bought a mid-size – Dodge Durango. I’ll only be back home for a few weeks before I head back to Georgia because I can’t do Minnesota winters.

While I’m sitting back I am going to continue researching routes and learning more about camping and vehicle maintenance.

I’m spending entirely too much time on Pinterest but it keeps my motivated.

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