Headed to the Market

Headed to Soweto to visit Mandela's home, learn about the student protest of 1976, and the outdoor market.
Headed to Soweto to visit Mandela’s home, learn about the student protest of 1976, and the outdoor market.

We hadn’t even finished unpacking and I was ready to go learn and explore.  We opted for yet another Hop On Hop Off tour and this one was by far the best we’ve been on.  We selected the two day option and toured through Johannesburg the first day and Soweto on the second day.  The tour was packed with information and made me intrigued to learn more.  This tour provided informational history about the development of the cities and more up-to-date information about the politics and current events that are taking place.  My mini liked the tour too because they offered a kid’s channel which helped keep her interest and also allowed her to learn more about the cities.  Since the Johannesburg had a few stops to connect to Soweto I listened to the kid’s channel on the second day.  If it weren’t for that station we would have missed our Uber because the driver yelled at us to meet him on the other side of the ‘robot.’  In South Africa a stoplight is called a robot.  I learned that from the kid’s channel.


Informal settlements with no running water or electricity occupy one side of the street and the other side has modern homes that start at $70k.

Hector Pieterson Memorial (Below)

Hector Pieterson Memorial




When we took the tour through Johannesburg we didn’t get off at any of the stops.  I was taking notes of the different places we could visit during our month long stay. Yesterday we visited Sci-Bono, a children’s museum.  It was amazing, we were there for five hours and didn’t make it through all of the exhibits.  The hands-on activities were very educational and for 75 Rand (approximately $5) we will be returning.  The next stop was Museum Africa, but because it was nearly closing time, we will have to go another day to get the full experience.  The admissions is my favorite number…FREE!



Tomorrow will be another Museum and Amusements day as we head to the Apartheid Museum (135 Rand ≈ $10 total) followed up by the Gold Reef Amusement Park (360 Rand ≈ $26 total) which is on the other side of the parking lot. I also want to make it back to the market, when we got off in Soweto, I found everything that I wanted to purchase at the retail stores in the market for nearly 80% less.  I wanted to take an Uber there but may try the “taxis” that pick up in downtown Johannesburg. The taxis are mini vans and cost about 12 Rand but they’re packed to the max; however, the more money I can save the more I can spend at the market; I’ll take an Uber back.

Cruising through downtown
The Soweto towers are repainted every five years and bungee jumping from the center is offered to visitors


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