Don’t Pat My Puffs

Throwback Mini

I’ve read plenty of articles, Facebook post and blogs about black people’s frustration with their hair being touched while traveling.  Most of the stories were from people traveling in Asian countries.  It wasn’t just black folks either.  I’ve read a good share about white people with blond hair and blue eyes being gawked at and those with red hair and freckles being pointed at.  I’ve had my own experiences with strangers thinking it’s okay to touch my hair before I left the U.S.  If I can’t catch them before their fingers poke or their hand grabs, I have found grabbing or touching their hair makes them fall back.  Although, I would prefer not being touched at all.  My mini is having a different experience.  I’m used to people patting her head in a show of affection but since we’ve arrived in Greece it’s been completely different.

My mini’s braids and barrettes have been grabbed by strangers, her puffs have been patted, and her cheeks have been squeezed.  It’s not done in a way that makes me feel any type of way, it mostly seems out of admiration.  I asked her if she minds and she said she doesn’t care.  She said it makes her feel famous, which made me laugh, because I know this is the main reason she wants to wear her hair in a ‘fro tomorrow.   She’s bound to get a ton of attention.  I just don’t want people to think it’s okay, or for her to think it’s okay, that random people are touching her.  When I tried to explain how people can transfer their energy through touching she still didn’t understand.  I think it’s more of my own issue.

I guess we’ll (I’ll) just have to wait until tomorrow and see how it goes.

Maybe I can setup shop with the other vendors and charge 5 Euros per braid.  That was the going price when one of the vendors asked if we wanted to add yarn to our hair.  I’d probably make a killing.  Jayla could be my model.  I could work right next to the lady that I bought our hair mask from.



  1. Love this, Jade! What a great reminder of the balance parents have to strike between not projecting their own issues onto their “minis” and protecting them from being exploited. Nice job explaining this in such a concise way!

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