If It Knocks


I’ve been working overtime this month.  I even went back to an old company just to get my money back together.  As much as I hated working so much I missed the checks. That’s the best part of being in good standing with past employers and coworkers.  Along with that, I’ve been in communication with an old coworker that presented me with a great opportunity. Even though I am really bad at staying in touch and networking I always get random follow up emails or ‘just checking in’ from people.  I think I’m getting better at staying in touch.  But, besides all that, he emailed me about a startup he’s working on and he needs a curriculum developer.  I already have a lot on my plate but I can’t say no to opportunity. At some point in my life I want complete financial stability.  I don’t want to owe Navient, I don’t want a bank loan to buy another house, and I don’t want to think about transferring funds from my savings to my checking account because of impending bills.  So, I said yes.  I don’t know how much time I’m going to have to set aside but it means I had to put my own curriculum plans on hold.  I only have two more weeks of my old regular routine and then it’s back to the basics of earning enough for my budget and putting my 30% in savings.

I’m really looking forward to our next destination.  I’ve finally found a place in South Africa that we can do a long-term stay at and I’m just researching visas, flights, and rooming for when we visit other countries in Africa.  Because my schedule has been so full I signed my mini up for online classes.  That way, when I am working she’s “in school,” I can monitor what she’s doing online, and she’ll get a report card.  I was using other sites to supplement my lesson plans but now, with my schedule, I’m going to let her try out this online school and see how it goes.

I’m still undecided about what to do once this year’s over.  I wouldn’t mind traveling as I please but I also need, desire, and crave a home base and I don’t know if I want that home base abroad, in Minnesota, or in Georgia.  I also don’t want to buy another house just yet and if I do I’d prefer a townhouse or a condo.  All of this indecision is the reason why I jumped at the start-up and if it takes off…well…I’ll be able to make all my wants into reality.

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