No More Credit Cards

imageI finally got my debit card.  Back in Spain I had an unfortunate run in with an ATM.  For the past two months I have had to use my credit card for EVERYTHING and 29.99% plus a service fee for cash advances have not been financially fun.  However, the fees were waived by the credit card company (never be scared to call and ask) and my debit card was sent, twice, without the $25 expedite fee.

I was originally supposed to get my card in Barcelona but the hotel would not sign for the delivery, even though they could have just called my room and I would’ve signed for it myself.  This month in Germany is just what I’ve needed.  I even called the bank before I left France to ensure that when it was delivered I’d still be here.

I certainly learned my lesson on traveling with backups.  I thought I was playing it safe with my debit card and two credit cards.   The cards I left with my friend have came in handy because there have been things I’ve needed her to handle while I’m away.  I also ordered a reloadable card for my daughter.

Now, I can start planning for the upcoming adventures.  I’ve even started considering applying to teach at an international school for the fall of 2017 but I’m still undecided.  Getting back in a physical classroom would mean I lose my flexibility and my mini would be back in school.  There’s a lot to think about and I still have to plan our return in April for her aunt’s wedding and the two months she’ll be with her dad.  All things I have plenty of time to plan.

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