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Jayla had to write down the names of the meat so we wouldn't buy the wrong thing
Jayla had to write down the names of the meat so we wouldn't buy the wrong thing
Jayla had to write down the names of the meat so we wouldn’t buy the wrong thing

I’ve been eating a lot.  More than my three meals and three snacks per day.  A lot of it has been snacks, sweets, and treats.  I just want to taste everything.  Now that we’ll be sitting back for a month and have a full kitchen I don’t plan on eating out as much.  There are two restaurants nearby.  One’s a pizza place and the other is a Thai restaurant.  I intend on eating at both.

When I’ve gone to the grocery stores the most I have bought has been fruit and vegetables and snacks.  Germany has by far been the most difficult to grocery shop in because I cannot understand anything.  I needed to make a face mask because my skin has been going through it and I accidentally purchased syrup instead of honey.  I had my daughter make a list of the different meat names so we wouldn’t accidently purchase any pork.  I don’t know how people with dietary restrictions do it even though I have been seriously contemplating cutting meat from my diet again.

My homemade skin mask
My homemade skin mask

One thing I’ve noticed about eating out is the service.  I am so used to the server coming by at least twice to ask how my meal is or refill my drink, that hasn’t happened in any of the countries I’ve visited.  Even after the meal I’m there twittling my thumbs waiting to ask for the check.  In France, after the meal, they have coffee.  It makes sense, after I eat a full meal I’m ready for a nap, I suppose the coffee gives a kick to get the hell up from the table and get back to business.  I have noticed that they use the same bread.  Every restaurant that I have been to that served bread simply took the bread from one table and then placed it on the next table.  I guess they could be doing that in the states too.  I don’t know what they do with the bread after the take it to the back but I’m not interested in eating bread that may or may not have been touched by someone else.



We went to the pizza place but they didn’t accept cards so the owner gave us our pizza for free!  We were going to get groceries but the store was closed.



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