Departing Paris

IMG_3113I feel like Paris has been perfect.  Well almost. I didn’t realize it was going to be so expensive and my planned budget has been a wash.

I’m fine with that except I didn’t make much income with the wifi acting up everywhere I’ve been. I had to go back to an old side gig.  However, I am thankful that I have really accommodating students.  My goal was to unload my plate and relax but I’m realizing that’s just not me.  I don’t like downtime.  I like being active and busy.  I can’t invest if I don’t have income.  Working 20 hours a week has been nice but I plan on going back into overdrive come September.  I’m not going back to 80+ hours a week though.

Even though I love the freedom of being self- employed I’m glad I have good relationships with all of the online companies I have worked with.  That has never stopped me from looking and I just started working with a new startup that I think is really innovative and I like how the platform allows the teachers to work by picking up classes as they become available.  I’m going to see how it goes.

The perks:  No cam. No computer.

Back to Paris. I planned Paris into our traveling schedule in order to celebrate turning thirty here. In my mind France was like the Black Mecca.   Paris, to me, represents the migration of black people in the 1920s.  I glamorized Paris in my mind.  All the American black artist found refuge from the racism in America when they moved to France, at least that’s what I learned and that’s how I envisioned Paris.

On my birthday, my daughter planned the entire day.  We went out for lunch and dinner.  Bought sweets.  I sat in the park and caught up on some reading while she played at the playground.  I reflected on another year of life passing and what I learned.  All in all, it was a great day.


We’ll be leaving tomorrow and headed to Germany for a month.  I’m hoping to take some weekend trips while there and, of course, I’ll be back to working, just not as much.

Also, with the return of my mini’s luggage I now have her curriculum so I won’t be winging the worldschooling anymore.

Covering a few science standards at Des Galeries de Enfantailes
Covering a few science standards at Des Galeries de Enfantailes

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