Some Rhyme, Some Reason


Cultural Immersion

I thought I’d get really immersed in the culture of each country I visited but I haven’t.  Mainly because I have had host at all of my AirBnBs that have been available to assist me.  I haven’t had that moment to get lost in a different country because I’ve had someone to rely on.  Now that I am in France I don’t have that.  I was supposed to practice conversational phrases that are necessary to get by but I have not been focused on my learning.  I teach English and I am constantly giving my students tips and tricks to help them improve their English but I haven’t been taking my own advice so now I shudder at the idea of going into a French restaurant and ordering food because I don’t know how to.

Not Feeling So Foreign

I get an excited feeling every time some approaches me and ask for directions or tries to strike up a conversation because it means I’m blending.  I don’t want to look like a tourist.  Whenever I think about tourist I think about some goofy person that looks completely out of place and everyone knows they don’t belong.  I don’t mind so much when I’m at the touristy locations because everyone is walking around with their cameras out but when I’ve wandered into random neighborhoods I don’t want to stick out.  Every place we’ve visited I’ve had someone approach me to speak and I’ve had to tell them I don’t speak ____________.  Surprisingly, a lot of people I have encountered have spoken English.  Jayla is always surprised when someone starts speaking to her in English but I tell her it’s because they hear her speaking English so that’s how they respond to her.

Next up, we’re headed to Germany and I don’t know a single word in German.  The host family just informed me that they would be out of town and their Italian friends would be housesitting for them while I am there but they gave me great directions on how to use the public transportation to get there.  I hope it cost less there than it does in France.

What’s Up Next

Since we’ll be in Germany for a month I have already started looking for an art or dance class Jayla can attend.  Speaking on planning, after Germany I have one last location that I pre-booked and then it’s back to planning.  I would love to decide a few weeks in advance where we are going each time but my level of anxiety won’t allow it.  I also have to plan around my girlfriends coming to visit me in February.  The location…London.  And, Jayla and I have to be in Florida for an April wedding but I’m thinking of going back to MN first and letting my mini stay with her dad in April (maybe through May).

I have a bunch of ‘rough drafts’ that I have been making.  I was hoping to spend the winter months in Africa.  There are so many countries I want to visit but a lot of them require visas.  There also isn’t much information about traveling around Africa as there is for the other continents but I have time to figure it out.


I’ve been busy getting lessons together for my students and recruiting.  I haven’t done much work for income in August and will have to push through September like a maniac.  As long as the internet connection in Germany is golden I will be too.

Lost Luggage

Vueling finally responded to my emails.  I just have to send a certified letter with all the same information that I already emailed.

Boom!  That’s been August.  Now I focus on becoming 30 in 2 days!

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