Welp, I Quit My Job Today

I’ve been reading and re-reading my last post.  I have been struggling to remain in the ‘now’ because so much of my life has been spent planning for ‘what’s next.’  While I am still able to enjoy this traveling, in the back of my mind I have been fearful about my finances.  Now, I know there are tons of ways to travel for less, I could do work-a-ways, volunteer, and house sit but that’s not how I want to travel and I’m enjoying this time with my daughter because I am able to work while she’s sleeping.

When I was in Barcelona I couldn’t work because the internet was unstable.  I was able to teach my independent students at the nearby McDonalds, and now that I am in Italy, I am having the same problem with internet stability.  So, today, I put in my resignation with the online company I work(ed) for.  It was unfair to the company, the students, and the parents to have them sign up for classes that I couldn’t teach.

The thing is, when I saw that the portal wouldn’t load due to a low bandwidth, I had a mini panic attack, then it subsided, and a moment of clarity passed…I don’t need to work as much as I used to.  My finances are fine.  I can focus on the future and enjoy the present.  I just have to trust myself.

Working for myself allows me to have a flexible schedule, I get to set my own pay – there’s no middle party getting a percentage and I have direct communication with my students.   So, yeah, I quit one of my three jobs today, but now I can be content with the riches I possess.

(I still work for another online company editing papers and revamping resumes but I’ve been working with them since 2008, I still need a side job and I don’t have a set schedule.  It’s hard to break old habits.  Since I was 16 I’ve always had multiple jobs/side hustles).

What does this mean?

I need to focus on my independent students.  At one point I had t enough students to cover my monthly expenses (plus my other jobs) but due to some scheduling I had to drop most of them.  Now,  I need to go back to marketing and recruiting OR it means I need to focus on other ventures and opportunities.  I’m making lemonade out of these lemons.  I am being forced to focus on the other goals and dreams I wanted because I’m not working for someone else’s company.

I’m just going to do it and what will be will be.



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