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Bus tour around Barcelona
Bus tour around Barcelona
Bus tour around Barcelona

Whenever I travel domestically I always stay in a hotel.  I opt for extended stays because of the weekly discount rate but mostly for the kitchen.    When our original AirBnB fell through I booked a hotel.  The room has a refrigerator, no microwave, no stove, and the wifi is unstable meaning I have been unable to work.  The hotel is surrounded by the highway and there are only two ways to get to the city.


Travelers along the highway
Travelers along the highway

I could walk down the highway as I’ve seen numerous people doing or take a taxi.  The nearest bus/train also requires crossing the highway.  If I take a taxi every day my budget will be blown (and remember, the wifi is so bad I had to cancel my classes).

Ok, so I did find one solution to my employment problem.  McDonalds.  Their wifi is stable and while it has been odd sitting in McDonalds correcting my student’s grammar and pronunciation, I’m not losing money.

I have enjoyed Barcelona and that fact that my daughter and I aren’t spending everyday tourist trapping has allowed me to focus on some other income options and ventures.  I’m still contemplating purchasing property abroad.  Come November I’ll know what I want to do.

Lessons learned about accommodations:

  1. Make sure the amenities you need are available.                                      (I need a kitchen, laundry facilities, and nearby transportation)
  2. I need to look into other options besides AirBnB.  I would like to do Workaway, I  may try a hostel for a shorter visit, and I’m still not sold on couchsurfing, and Innclusive will be launching soon.
  3.  Having a host is great.  On our upcoming trip to Italy, I have already been able to arrange pickup from the airport and have several planned excursions/trips the host provides.
  4. When possible, I need to have a speed test completed to ensure internet speed and stability.

Along with this not-so great experience at the hotel, my mini’s luggage has still not be located and my debit card has not arrived yet.  Not having my debit cards means all my purchases are being made on my credit card.  One bonus for earning points.  All my cash advances are costing my 29% – big negative.


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