Oh, The Places We Will Go

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ll know before departing from Morocco I was on the search for a Snickers.  The craving was strong and we eventually found what I was looking for.  While we were on this search my mini needed a bathroom break and that’s when we discovered the squat toilet.

Not the squat toilet we encountered but close enough.

We had stopped for lunch and I asked the  server if there was a restroom in my best French and he told us it was upstairs. I told Jayla to go ahead and go because I didn’t want to leave our food.  Did I mention there were cats everywhere?

She came back downstairs and whispered in my ear to, “Please come upstairs and help me.”

I didn’t know what she needed help with but I obliged.  I paid for our meal and then took her back upstairs.  I stood in the doorway and stared at a hole in the ground.  There was nobody else upstairs and I didn’t know what to do.  Jayla had her new outfit on, which is one long draping piece that wraps up from the front to the back so in order to use the bathroom she would have had to completely undress.  I tried to explain to her how to use a squat toilet even though I have never used one myself.  Her facial expression told me she still didn’t get it so I went online and thankfully there was a step-by-step article.  After showing her the article she decided she didn’t have to go as bad as she thought.


Now, we are back in Spain and checked into our hotel. All I wanted to do was take a bath and wash my hair.  We got to to our room and behold, another bathroom surprise.  I’ve heard of bidets but I’ve never used one.  Jayla thinks it is the best thing in the world.  I can just imagine the many place we will go as we continue our travels.IMG_2345

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