The Best Lessons Are Learned at the Playground

imageWith all that’s been going on in my hometown and around America my heart has been heavy, coupled with my recent minor setbacks, I have been struggling to get back to my place of peace and have been trying to focus on the positive.

A few days ago I asked my daughter what she wanted to do.  I simply said, “What will make you happy?”  And she asked to go to the playground.

After an unsuccessful trip to the Temple Debod we found a playground.  We were there for about two hours.  I have always been fascinated when I observe my child and other people’s children at play.  It makes me think about all the theories I learned in my early childhood education classes.  I know that my daughter will hover over the swing waiting for someone to get off with her hands placed behind her back while she sways from side to side.  Once they get off, she whispers, “Thanks.”  I know that she will shy away from a group of children but will find one that is playing alone and meekly ask if they’ll play with her.  I also know that after ten minutes she becomes a wild child running around with everyone trying to engage them in a game of lava or tag and then repeatedly run over to me and introduce all of her ‘new best friends.’

Being at this park was no different.  My daughter, with her limited Spanish, quickly befriended a little girl.  They looked to be about the same age and while they couldn’t communicate they ran around, played, laughed, and smiled.  When it was time to leave they embraced in a long hug.  Two girls with a world of differences had become friends just like that.

What can we learn from playing at the playground?

When confronted with new people:  Just say ‘Hi.”  Ask their name and give yours.

Patience: Sometimes you have to wait your turn and share (the swing won’t always be available).

If you fall, get back up.

Spend the day laughing and smiling.

End the day with a hug.

What have you learned from playing or watching children play?


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