Today I Just Want to Sleep Until Tomorrow


These these last three days I have been trying to go about my days of exploring and relaxing, reading and enjoying the longs days, spending time with my daughter and eating good BUT there is a lot going on.  Two of my closest friends are going through awful life transitions and all I can do is call and text.  My Mr.  No Matter What and I are no longer.  The most I get is a text about, “Are ya’ll alright, I saw there was a bombing at that airport….Oh, you’re good. Ok.”  The late night text from an ex that I need to severe soul ties with text now come in the middle of my day.  Jayla’s having ‘moments.’  When I need to talk to someone I have to wait six hours and the people I want to talk to are going through it.  My little problem is just that in comparison…little. The internet at my AirBnb has gone out, yet again.  I had to cancel two classes this morning…but I have to wait until I’m connected to let them know.  I’m ready to call TMobile again and see why the extra money I spent for the hotspot still isn’t working!  My hair feels dry and crispy and all of my fruit went bad.

Today, I just want to sleep until tomorrow.

I know things could be worse.

But sometimes I don’t want to see all of the good just to outweigh the bad.


  1. The picture to this post is perfect and it is right, what may seem like something major is only temporary. Trust me, I am going through something horrible right now, but I still have to keep my crown on straight, head high, and remain the queen I am. The same holds true for you. Yea, Mr. No Matter What turned out not to actually be that. Not all men can handle a long distance relationship, especially one of this caliber. I know you may want to hug your friends, but like you know, a text/call is the best support you can give them. It may sound selfish, but you are living a dream!!!! Your friends understand that and can feel your hug and comfort within your words.

    Definitely call T-Mobile!!! That is a ripoff if you are paying for something and not getting what you paid for. In fact, it is a breach of contract!!! For your hair, try moisture deep conditioners twice per week. That is what works for mine when it feels extra dry and crispy. #NaturalGirlProblems

    Keep your faith, everything will work out!! These are only minor, temporary problems, but do not stress or worry, God has you and Jayla’s back. 🙂

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