These Boots….

IMG_1547After selling all of my shoes I narrowed down my packing to a pair of boots, a pair of sneakers, and some versatile flats.  I found a pair of boots on Amazon that I thought would be great for the trip since they had a hidden pocket.  A few months before leaving I started wearing them so I could break them in.  They were fine.  Yesterday, my mini and I took a trip to a place called Faunia, it was like an open/interactive zoo.  After catching the Metro and walking about a mile to get to Faunia, I realized the boots were not made for walking.

On the way back I bought some inserts but they were uncomfortable.  It felt like I had a sock that was sliding off under my foot.  Very unpleasant.  So, the boots are getting left behind.  This made me think about all of the other things I packed that I won’t need and some of the things that I forget.

First thing I forgot…my toothbrush!! By the time we got to the Dublin airport all I wanted to do was brush my teeth.  I took Jayla into a family bathroom and started going through our bags.  I left the toothbrush in my purse!  The purse that I didn’t bring with me.  Not a single place in the entire airport sold toothbrushes.  I also left my tweezers and as superficial as it may seem, my eyebrows were looking a mess, and I really wanted to get them together.  I promptly brought a toothbrush and tweezers after I had settled into the apartment.  I learned another lesson…cheap tweezers in any country are worthless.  The tweezers will also be left.


I also packed nail polish.  Why?  Because I have never in my adult life left the house without my toes painted.  I don’t like seeing other people’s toe nails unpolished so I never leave the house without mine unpolished.  Thanks to my idiosyncrasies, Jayla also has a fit if her toes aren’t polished.  Thankfully, we won’t be in open-toe shoes often.  Was nail polish necessary?  No, but two polishes don’t take up much space.

Next issue…hair.  These little sample packs I have won’t last one month.  I washed Jayla’s hair last night and used a whole pack of leave in conditioner and when I washed my hair I used an entire pack as well.  Yes, I know, I can find hair care products anywhere but I like what I like!  We both wear our hair natural and there are products that work and products that don’t.


Maybe, in the future, I can get us down to two suitcases and one backpack.  Right now, they’re not too burdensome, although, it was a bit annoying having to roll both suitcases through the airport because Jayla kept ramming into the back of people’s feet.  We shall see.

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