The Journey Begins


It’s 4 am and I should probably be sleeping but all I can think about is not being able to complete my online check in. Every time I entered Jayla’s bday I received an error message stating that the a passenger had to be over 12 and under 100. So, when I woke up once again I tried to give it another shot.
That’s when I realize it’s 10 am over there, which means when I call I won’t get stuck speaking to an automated message system but a live representative.
“Ma’am, we have your daughters birth year listed as 1908.”
Of course that’s incorrect (by a whole hundred years). The representative is able to resolve the problem and I’m able to check in online. I texted my mom to let her know I would still be coming by around 7 to print out boarding passes. I had printed my boarding passes from MN to IL at the UPS store earlier.

We arrived at the airport at exactly nine. We went through TSA in record breaking time…12 minutes. My biggest concern was waiting in a long line and being late for the connecting flight but even after we landed in Chicago, hopped on the train to get to terminal 5, and went through another check point we still had an hour to spare.

I thought I would have to use separate containers for all my electronics and was pleased to know I only had to do that with my laptop and liquids, which are all bagged up and went in another container with my shoes and our fanny packs.

During the plane ride to Chicago Jayla and I had an impromptu geography lesson. Looking down from the sky we identified lakes, streams, rivers, and discussed oceans. Thanks to a previous geography lesson I had taught I was able to provide her with some facts about the different water formations.

We then moved on to an exciting game of Go Fish and according to the rule insert I’ve been playing wrong my entire life.


Jayla made friends with the little boy sitting behind us and the geography lesson continued when Jayla asked if a group of trees was a forest. He told her no and that he knew a lot about forest and proceeded to tell us everything he knew.

It was broke until...
It was broke until…
Jayla realized the remote popped out and there were more buttons on the other side
Jayla realized the remote popped out and there were more buttons on the other side

The anxiety, excitement, or any other feeling about this decision to just sell everything and live around the world still hasn’t set in. Probably because my level of exhaustion from ripping and running to complete last minute task kept me too busy but now, while I’m on this 6 hour flight, headed to Ireland for an 8 hour layover, I feel nothing but positivity and freedom. Or maybe it’s relief.
Either way I feel perfectly at peace with my decision.

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