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I’m considering changing the way I travel ever since I found Skyscanner.  I’m big on planning.  It’s May and I already have my trip planned up through October.  Now, I’m not a huge stickler on everything having to be planned minute by minute, I leave space for spontaneity but when it comes to taking trips I need flights and accommodations in advance.  One reasons I want to delve into traveling is so that I can break the monotony of my routine and relax a little.  I recently read a post on Facebook where people were discussing not being able to purchase tickets until a week or even a few days until departure.  Just the thought of waiting that long makes me feel anxious.

With some recent changes to my itinerary I am thinking about slowing down my booking process and waiting until the day gets closer to go and determining where I want to go based on price but that could leave me with lower chances of booking rooms that I like BUT it also allows me to see if I’ll really like my AirBnB experiences.

I wanted to go from Athens to Egypt and from Egypt to Ghana but the airline prices are higher than my projected budget so I’ve had to make some adjustments.  Using Skyscanner I can just type in my current destination and in the ‘going to’ search I can use EVERYWHERE and it list the cheapest flights going…everywhere!  I don’t want to deviate from my plans of going to Ghana but unless the tickets go down (they’re currently $191 form Egypt to Ghana) I have to reroute.

Maybe I’ll try some planned trips and some last minute trips.  I might surprise myself.

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