39 Days


It’s crazy because I remember when my countdown was at 100+ days and now I’m getting a bit nervous and overwhelmed.  All of my to-do-list are being marked off on time but I keep feeling like there is more to do, more to plan.  These next few weeks are going to be hectic.  My friend came into town last weekend and we had a great time.  I was able to take my mind off ‘what’s next’ and planning but as soon as she left I was back at it.  Yesterday, my daughter and I completed her room, took the bed apart (and it took 3 damn hours to get it apart), cleaned out all of her drawers.  Sorted the keep, throw away, and bring with us – of course she thought everything needed to be kept.  We’re down to one 14 gallon tub and two 8 gallon tubs but it will all fit in my car so nothing will be left in Georgia storage.

This weekend I’m finishing my room and taking the last drop off to the Goodwill.  I volunteer with an organization called 5/2 Crew (shout-out to Carla) and I will be able to participate before we go.  They donate clothing and hygiene products to the homeless and there’s a large event every third Sunday at Renaissance Park and I’ll be able to bring the rest of the clothes and shoes.

Another friend is taking my bedroom set and whatever furnishings I have left we can take to the Goodwill since she’ll be renting a truck.  As of now everything is posted on Craigslist.  My daughter’s bed sold the same day.  I gave away my kitchen table and stools.  A co-worker is taking my washer and dryer.  I’m not worried about getting everything out by the 25th.

Once all of that is complete, the 27th will be here before I know it.  I’m wrapping things up with Atlanta Public Schools, but the end of the school year it always gets hectic but I’m determined to remain sane. I had my last art class last week.  I am currently recruiting more independent students.  I don’t want to rely on potentially not having internet but I also found out that Morocco doesn’t’ allow Skype or any other Voip service.  But before we leave I still have a lot to do.

We are making a pit stop on the drive up to Detroit.  I don’t know how that will go.  Once we get to Detroit we’ll spend the weekend with my family on my maternal side (extra special because Jayla will get to spend some time with her great-great grandma once again).  Then we’ll drive to MN with a pit stop in Chicago to visit a friend (Andrea).  And I’ll have a week in MN before heading to Vegas to celebrate birthdays (Tiffany and Felicia).  Jayla will be with her dad those three weeks we’re in MN.

The only big thing I have left to do is complete my lesson plans for Jayla’s homeschooling.


  1. I’m soooooo happy for you!! It must be an amazing feeling to follow your dreams. OMG, I’m starting to tear up (insert emoji sad face) Ok, enough being in my feelings, lol! Again, I’m so happy for you Pudd!!

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