Another ‘Dumb-Dumb-Ditty’ Moment


In my frenzy to book my rooms I once again overlooked some very obvious things: check-in times and the distance from the airport to the room.

Real simple.

Unfortunately, I’ve already booked several of my rooms and flights without thinking about those things.

1st dilemma:  My room in Cologne, Germany is 45 minutes away from the airport – not really a big deal, not sure how much it’ll cost.  One of my AirBnB host does pickup/drop offs 24 hours.  My plan is to take the train.  There is an airport 12 minutes away but I was trying to save some loot.  The tickets from the closer airport was $131/ea.  The other location the tickets were $37.90/ea.

2nd dilemma: I was able to fix this.  The room I rented in Cairo has a no child policy.  Bloop! Thankful for the free cancellation but now I have to rebook everything and the only flights going into Cairo depart from Athens at 1:40 am and arrive the next day at 11 am.  So, my dilemma here is that I have to halt my trip planning, which may not be too bad.  It’ll give me more planning time.  I think having the first three months planned so far is fine.

3rd dilemma: Traveling from Rome to France.  Same issue.  Departure time.  My flight departs at 6:50 am.  I don’t know anything about their transportation so I’ll have to figure it out once I get there.

As much as I would love to plan as I go or take the trains across Europe, I have to have more stability than that.  I can’t have my seven-year-old roaming these international roads because her mama didn’t plan accordingly.

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