So Anxious

Ok, so my job situation…I have several jobs…all contract positions…all in education…three of them online.  With that being said, I am grateful to be working with a company that  provides a platform for the teachers to communicate.  I have independent students so there are no co-teachers and the other online companies I have (and currently) worked for only provide minimal communication.  This company has a forum and one of the threads is specifically for virtual educators that are traveling.  From their threads I have learned quite a lot about what to expect as well as some great tips to make my travels easier.

More Information/Tips I’ve Learned

I need to buy a pocket charger.

There’s some doohickey I can buy that stabilizes my connection and makes it seem as if I’m plugged into a router so for the places I’m staying that have a shared Wi-Fi or a common space for internet I can work from my room and get a better connection than!

In Egypt – Don’t let the hotel arrange camel rides to the pyramids, the people on the street do it for 60-80% less.

In Ghana – 50% Deet – My 30% won’t cut it.  Buy water at the airport.  They will refill the water bottles with tap and glue the tops (my source was a Ghanaian).

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