What the F*** Was I Thinking


I wasn’t…not in that moment.  I was too excited to start buying my tickets and booking my rooms and when Priceline emailed me a 7% of coupon I was ready to get my next trip planned.

I logged on an started looking at rooms in Barcelona.  I’m not using AirBnB because all of the rooms on my favorite list were no longer available.  The other rooms I liked were either out of my budget or didn’t have any reviews.  I don’t want to be anyone’s guinea pig.

So, I continued looking for rooms and found one that I liked.  It was on budget, close to the city center, has wifi (an absolute must), and a fridge.  When I went to checkout there was no space for the coupon code so I went back to my email and followed the link.  Now Priceline has the ‘name your own price’ option which allows the buyer to bid by naming a price they are willing to pay and then a room is selected.  I wasn’t thinking about my needed accommadtions when I put in my bid and it was accepted.

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