Immunizations are complete. I thought I would be spending about $1000. I don’t currently have insurance but I found out most of the immunizations we needed aren’t covered by insurance anyways… We went in for our consultations and we discussed where we are going and which shots we would need. Luckily, Jayla only needed one, all her shots are up-to-date. I needed five. One was a three in one shot that I requires I get a second shot in a month, and a third shot in five months. I tried to reduce the number of shots we would need so instead of the typhoid shot we are taking the pills. There are four pills that need to be taken every other day. We also have pills for Malaria. I was worried about Jayla having to swallow a pill but I knew she wasn’t going for two shots. (She acted a complete fool for the one she had to get and ended up walking out the clinic with four stickers, gum and money from a stranger…another story for another day).


The consultation was really useful and I left with a packet full of information for each country we are going to visit. Jayla received a kid’s safety tips sheet too. She’s been reading all the tips to me.

Things we need to remember:

DEET -my first aid kit didn’t have any and I wouldn’t have thought about it

Don’t open our mouths in the shower

Don’t use tap water to rinse our toothbrushes

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