It’s Officially Official

ConfirmationsI tried to wait until my closing was official and my check cleared but I couldn’t.  The Hopper App I have been using told me, “BUY NOW!”  The ticket prices were expected to rise almost $200 additional dollars.   So, I bought our tickets and booked a room.

I didn’t know there was going to be a service charge to book through Air BnB but it’s the equivalent to paying taxes but I need to check out other hotel options too.  AND…

I’ll have to book my rooms now because all of my starred homes are full so waiting is no longer an option.

The excitement hasn’t kicked in yet but it’s definitely becoming REAL.

I need to find some new apps and travel sites/blogs because I want to see if there are better discounts for traveling.  It’s time to seek advice from other international travelers.

My Little Bit of Saving
Flying out of MN –> $1024/ea

Grand Total =  $2048

Flying to Chicago –> $78 and then to Spain –> $735

Grand Total = $1548

Savings of $500


  1. Hey Jade, let me know how everything goes. We’re planning on going to Germany, France, and Italy in the future. If you go to other places that is worth visiting too let me know. I’ll read some of your post to find out how you got some cheap flights. Have a good trip, enjoy.

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