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image1 (1)I’ve made one list after another considering what I want to pack and what I need to take.  I settled on carry-on hard rolling suitcases and we’re both going to have our backpacks (one free personal item).  I don’t want to pay for luggage every time we hit our next destination.

So, I actually went online and watched YouTube videos on packing.  There’s the rolling method and this other one where you overlap all your clothing so it becomes one large bundle.  Rolling has never really worked for me.

I also looked online for other packing tips.  Of course I want to maximize my space and while I was searching for tips I came across some really great ones:

  1. Bring a pair of sunglasses (I can never wear sunglasses, I get an instant headache) but the advice was to have a pair because if you happen to get lost it looks less obvious that you’re looking at street signs.
  2.  A padlock –  I wouldn’t have thought of this one but if I don’t feel like my room is secure enough I can always lock up my valuables.
  3.   *For women* A cheap wedding band/ring – for the obvious, it will appear like I’m traveling with a man.

Anyways, I’ve made a list of what I need to pack.  My backpack will be for my laptop, headset, and teaching props, the first aid kit, my hygiene products, a light fleece blanket, and whatever other little things I need to carry.  Jayla’s backpack will have her netbook, some plane activities, and a  blanket.  I keep forgetting her clothes are smaller than mine.  I might be able to use her extra space.

Found this on Tumblr
Found this on Tumblr

Drop your best packing tip below.


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