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So, today is April 15th I decided I will blog so I’ve been turning all my journal entries into post along with the date that I actually wrote them so if you are reading this I have been working on this blog for the past month and just started publishing the drafts.


The following post is from  February 12th.

So my page is ready to go but I’m not.  I keep looking at the admin. screen and I really don’t want to do anything although I do think it’ll be pretty dope documenting everything.  It’s crazy when I first sat down and started making all these plans I wanted everything to be complete by certain dates, I wanted a specific amount of money saved each month (and I was overworking myself), and now all of that is becoming less important – especially the leave date.  I’ve changed if about five times already.
Since Jayla gets out of school on the 22nd I’m going to go to MN that weekend.  I’ve already started selling all my belongings and know where the bed set’s going, who’s getting the washer/dryer, etc.  That gives Jayla an extra week with her dad.  Then we are taking a little road trip to Detroit and at the point I could just leave. That would be the third week of June.
(As of today, April 15th, we are leaving May 25 but heading to Detroit first and then to MN the 28th.  The leave date is still up in the air).
BUT there is still a lot to do.  I need to get at least five more new students to make my monthly income a success.  I haven’t posted anything or responded to any emails but with spring break coming up I’ll take that time to market and advertise.
I’m trying not to focus too much on this house still being on the market, it’s killing my savings plan.  I don’t know what I’ll do if it doesn’t sell by May. (Update – I closed yesterday).

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