Food, Food, Food


I am doing everything I can to get this child of mine not to frown up at everything that’s green.  Last night I made a spinach pizza, which see refused to eat so I hit her with that mama line, “I guess you’re just going to be hungry then.”
At no time do I ever force her to eat something she doesn’t like, we have very different taste in food and whenever we go to the grocery store I let her get her favorites.  I like broccoli, she likes carrots.  I like spinach, she likes celery.  We can compromise but I don’t know how she’s going to do on this trip if she won’t try new foods.

I try to sway her by asking how she plans on becoming an International Food Critic if she won’t even try food at home.  She decided she wanted to have a YouTube channel so she can show everyone all the different food from around the world….
Finally, she took a bite of the pizza.
“Hmm, it’s actually kinda good.  I can’t even taste the spinach.  A little garlic would help.”
I didn’t even respond.  I just cut her another slice.
I feel like I have to be with the trickery when it comes to getting her to eat so I came up with a plan.  We ventured to the DeKalb Farmer’s Market and I let her pick out 10 fruits and veggies she’s never had.
The best part, I never had any of them either.  I told her everyday we would try a new food and so far so good.
(I have a new favorite…brussels sprouts)


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