Shoes, Shoes, Shoes


When I decided that being an adult required that I change my wardrobe the first thing I did was get all my tennis shoes and bring them to the school I was working at and give them away to the students.  I had Forces and Dunks in every color.  I remember skipping school and going over North to Friedman’s on occasion.  Packing those shoes up and giving them away was hard but knowing some of the youth I worked with needs tennis shoes made the pain lessen.

Now my heels, my babies, before I had my daughter I was buying…actually that little small obsession is not something that I want to discuss, plus I’ve moved past that.  When I first moved from MN to GA I packed every single shoe, even the ones I hadn’t worn in years.  Why?  I was still attached.  Now that I am planning on leaving the country it doesn’t make sense for me to put my shoes in storage, especially since I probably still won’t wear them.  If I can leave all of my comforts and rid myself of all these material possessions aren’t I still holding on if I keep some in storage?  The answer to that is ‘yes’ so I’ve started posting my shoes on Ebay along with some other ‘needs-to-go’ items.  Every weekend I’ve been dropping clothes of at Plato’s Closet and Goodwill and each week it gets easier.
The only things I will be keeping are my personal mementos, artwork, and books.  I can let go of my shoes but I can’t let go of my books and those were just a select few that I kept because I donated over 200 to the women’s federal prison.

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