Another Day in January

I wasn’t going to post this but I figured if I’m posting some I might as well post it all.

Maintaining a positive outlook is not always easy as hard as I try.  Decrease the negative.  Focus on the positive energy Manifest my destiny.  Speak it into existence.  If I focus on the foul that’s what returns to me BUT TODAY bayybayy that bad juju was trying to set it off.
First, I find out the person that was living in my house had an outstanding water bill of $400+.  All I can think is, “Damn, once again, I’m left with paying someone else’s bill.”  And it’s not the first time an individual somehow felt as if I owed them or as if they are entitled to ME paying THEIR bills.  So, I call the water company, get it squared away.  Mind you, this home is on a contract for deed.  My first house was FHA and I though the CD option was better than the conventional loan (If I ever by another house if I can’t own it outright or pay it off in 5 years I’m not doing it).
My house hasn’t been on the market for a whole month when the woman that holds the deed decided to email me five essays about her concerns for the house, had a friend go and look at the house as if he were an interested party, and called the neighbor “to see about the house.”  This, to me, is the definition of doing too much.  I spoke with my realtor because now the stress is on ten.   I took a pause, got myself together and forwarded the emails to my realtor.  He’s the bomb.  He told me he would correspond with her and I don’t need to.  One thing about me, when I get upset, I don’t react.  I need a day or two and I think all possible responses but today I almost sent an essay right back.
Now my biggest concern is how fast I can get this house sold!  I’m paying rent and a mortgage.  That’s an additional $800 a month that could go towards my trip.  Second thought is, once I sell the house I’ll have to use that money for the trip rather than having it in savings while I’m gone.  It’s not the worst option and I’ll be working while I am traveling but the purpose is to also be able to relax.  I don’t want to be in Spain knocking out a 40 hour work week.  So, I got home, made a list of everything that was pissing me off and burned it.  Boom!  Stress released.  I was chilling with my mini, checked my email, chick emailed me again!! Stress back.  Jayla says, “Mommy do this (she did the okay meditation sign and crossed her arms) and said, ‘X out stress, bring in peace.” (Me with a big ole grin -I love and adore this girl).  I peaced, crossed, and released about 100 times but I felt better.
I decided I was done checking my email BUT I had an evening class so I had to log on.  I checked my email.  My realtor agreed to drop the price 10K but that wasn’t what made me smile.  I had a feedback from showing which stated, “Out of the homes we viewed today this was buyers favorite. Was disappointed it was only a 1 bath as listing indicates 2 bath, but not deal breaker. Home is cute and has character. Needs work but mostly cosmetic things.  Will be returning for a second look.”
This doesn’t mean the buyer will make the purchase but it means SOMEONE wants it lol.  And maybe with a 10K price drop that interest and second look will become the final look and I’ll be free!!!

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