Just a Day in January

I haven’t written much since I’ve been in Minnesota.  I’ve been really busy.  The more people I start to tell the realer it becomes.  I’ve even looked into other blogs similar to what I am going to do…still haven’t really decided if I want to blog even though I had my brother buy the domain for me.  July 20th…it seems so far away but December seemed far away in October and it came quickly.  I have started “favoriting’ rooms on Air BnB.  I also decided that I won’t be doing any private rooms.  I had flashbacks of my study abroad experiences and I think it would be best to rent an entire home.  While it would be nice to have a host I could talk with and get some added information from I think I can manage just fine and I don’t want to feel confined to a room and I want Jayla to feel comfortable too.

The next biggest things on the list are the immunizations and deciding which countries I absolutely want to get to.  Oh, yeah, and this international travel insurance.  So far the quotes have been coming in around $500/month which would mean I need to increase my monthly budget and start saving more…which ultimately means I need to work more (I don’t really want to, taking this break from my 60+ hours a week has been amazing).  In the long run I know that it will be worth it because I only intend on teaching my students and completing the required 7.5 hours for VipKid.  I just want to ensure that I have some funds when I return and hopefully my house will sell and that money can be put up until I return.
The crazy part is I first said I was going to travel for a year, now I’m thinking 6 months, and other times I think indefinitely…..

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