FullSizeRenderI wanted to be as prepared as possible so I printed off the forms needed for my daughter’s passport and for my renewal.  I filled out all the information.  I even went to get her pictures at Walgreens prior to flying to Minnesota.  Of course there always seems to be a glitch in the plans.  It was around 9 a.m. and I was waiting for the carpet cleaners to come and I wanted to get the paint.  My goal is to get this house on the market before next week and I am super exhausted because I am still working, which means, with the time change, my first classes begin at 4 a.m.

Back to the passport.
I’m supposed to meet up with my daughter’s father as he needs to sign the form as well.  The first place we go…appointment only.  We go to the next place and there’s a short line.  In about 15 minutes we are called only to be told we had to wait because only one person was completing passports.  Two hours later we’re called to the desk.
Issue 1:
DMV Lady:  This needs to be in black ink (Her dad had just filled out his section in blue ink).
Me: (Chest tightens)
DMV Lady: Let’s work on yours and you both can refill it.
Me: (Sigh of relief, we don’t have to be sent back to waiting).
Issue 2:
The Walgreen’s pictures won’t do.
Issue 3:
They can’t take personal checks from out of state. (They were able to accept my check card – sigh of relief).
Issue 4:
My Georgia license
DMV Lady: Why are you coming to Minnesota to get her passport?
Me: (Quick explanation about how I couldn’t trust that my daughter’s dad would get the correct form, have it notarized, and mailed to me so I decided it would be best to do it together since I was planning on being in MN for two weeks).
But, after all that, we were able to get my baby’s passport papers complete and I was able to get all the information I needed for my renewal.  And the best part…I was able to get a new photo!
As soon as both of our passports arrive I am buying are tickets.


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