It’s a ‘Go’

bAbSo, I called on my brother to develop my site.  I don’t know how I forgot he has the computer tech. skills.  I did keep a blog through WordPress during my student teaching but after another teacher was removed from the school, due to her blog, I decided I’d rather be safe than sorry and deleted mine.  I created a website for my friend’s mother too but it’s still not my strongest area.  If it were, I would have developed my own online teaching platform by now (may be a future endeavor, it all depends on what happens once my trip is done).

I have to come up with a catchy name for my site; something easily remembered.  The only problem is the names I like are already taken… (with it’s double meaning, I thought it would be great) but, alas, it as well as other variations were already taken.
So, I called on the creative genius of my sister but the names she suggested were also taken.

Finally, I asked Jayla, and she said, “How about two Jay’s?  You know, because our names start with a J.”
I just stared at her blankly and then decided if it was available we’d take it.
Now it is.
I suppose it’s easy enough to remember.  It means ‘jet’ in French and ‘them’ in Lithuanian, not that it matters but when I feel like getting thuggish I intend on shouting out “2 Jaissssssss” in my 2Chainz voice.
(*Update* My brother called me and was able to get me the current name broad abroad…close enough)
I think I’m going to start plugging my entries in so they’ll be ready to go once I get on the plane.  I’m actually starting to get excited about blogging about this adventure and if Trump becomes president I will be extending my trip until 2020.
The next plan is to design and determine how I want the layout of my page.  There are my planning entries but I also have some personal entries that I write in my personal journal that I don’t know if I want to share.
I want to post my itineraries and cost separately and then Jayla’s going to have her own tab – we’ve decided she’s going to be “The International Food Critic” (thanks Bob).  Maybe, I’ll just be big and bold and post all my entries….

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