IMG_5622One thing I want to take from this trip is the downtime.  During college, the only time I read was for class.  Before college, I read all of the time about every subject matter imaginable.  In order to make up for the lack of reading for enjoyment I made sure I took one literature class per semester just to get my non-textbook reading fix.  My top three favorite courses  were:  Black Speculative Fiction(Octavia Butler is one of my favorite author’s in this genre.  I have a thing for speculative fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy and Professor Pamela Fletcher definitely challenged me in her first course, so I had to take two more), Introduction to Chinese Writers, and American Indian Studies.

I have always loved reading.
With this trip I want to get back to reading and gathering knowledge, especially history which was one subject I despised in high school.  It wasn’t until I attended college and took a history course that I found my thirst for accurate knowledge was what was missing.  I hated black history month.  Let the school tell it my lineage began with slavery…wait…I was a savage in Africa running around ass naked, was brought to America (and let the Texas school board tell it I was not a slave, nor was I an indentured servant, I was an unpaid laborer) and then I was freed, and then there was the Civil Rights and all was well in America for those of African descent.   If anyone believes those fallacies I suggest you do more reading.
One thing I can’t do during this trip is lug a bunch of books on my reading list around so I am going to give into technology, and my luggage weight requirements, and purchase ebooks.  Being that I work online the best part of my day is when I shutdown my computer and move away from the screen but I don’t want to bring my laptop and my Kindle so I’ll have to adjust.
Another thing I want to take some time to work on is extending my platform for online education.  I have independent students and have worked for several online English teaching companies.  I think with the combined knowledge of what works and doesn’t work I could build my own online school…but then I think about it and the amount of work and specialist and tech. people that go into building a website makes me change my mind.  Maybe I’ll just focus on my curriculum and lesson plans.

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