When Everything Doesn’t Go As Planned

In all my attempts to remain positive and put forth positive thoughts and energy there is always someone or something that comes forth and puts damper in my motives.


While I was able to list my blessings, one being able to put my house on the market, I know have a wrench in that plan.  The tenant decided to move without telling me leaving me to pay my rent in Atlanta and the mortgage in Minnesota.  However, I refuse to get upset or worry because that’s what savings are for, it’s my contingency plan even though it was my trip money.  Prayfully, the home will get swooped up before February.  I’ve worked with this realtor before and since I will be in MN in a couple of weeks whatever I need to do to get the home ready will at least get done up to my standards AND I won’t have to worry about potential buyers not being interested due to a tenant still being in the home.

July 4th would be a great day to leave.  I mean, I have no reason to celebrate the independence of America, if I were alive in 1776 I wouldn’t have had any of those rights to life, liberty, and freedom.  This is why I need to get out and learn the world to debunk all the historical inaccuracies I was unfortunately taught and expose my daughter to more than what she sees in America.


I’m thinking July 4th

An Aside:

Travel Gear

My first thought was ‘travel light.”  Get some traveling backpacks that can also be carry-ons.  I don’t need to bring my life with me, just a few articles of clothing and since I am going to blog about my experience I intend on having all my clothing embossed with my website name…but then..I thought about it.  I’m not going to always want to wear jeans and t-shirts.  What if Jayla and I want to get fancy.  I need an LBD and I guess I can rock flats while abroad but I’m going to need more space than a backpack will provide  For some reason I envisioned us as nomadic backpackers.  With that said I am now on the hunt for luggage that fits the carry-on size requirements.  I don’t know if I should go with a hardback or soft.  I need something that will also fit my work equipment without being damaged (my laptop and headset).  I’ll just pack my clothes around those.  I’m getting new luggage this weekend and we can still have backpacks for our personal carry-on item.  I am slowly but surely marking off  the items on my to do list.  Next, I need to really decide which countries I am going to so I can plan for immunizations….
                                                  Update (12/21 and 1/14)
If I ever decide to own and lease/rent again I will hire a property management company – no friends or family allowed!!
2015-12-04 11.31.16 2015-12-04 11.17.51 - Copy - Copy 2015-12-04 11.27.39 - Copy
Just a few images of the conditions my home was left in.  Every single room was painted a different color…but I went in and did work
hom home

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