Oh, this part is exhausting because there is so much to do but it must be done.  I’ve already assigned Jayla to the “gathering of knowledge.”  Probably a bit too much for a seven year old but she’s having fun.  I’m going to start buying the essentials we’ll need for the trip and get that ready.  I wish I could just sell everything now and put everything else in storage…I’m ready to go.  I’m still excited about the news of putting my house on the market.  This will make a significant change in my funds and my daily allowances.
I’ve decided as soon as my passport renewal and Jayla’s passport comes I’m buying our tickets and paying for rooms, at least for the first three countries.
I’ve also don’t want to come across as an arrogant American that expects someone to speak English or use my google translate to have conversations with people so I am going to start learning French.  My Spanish, I can brush up on, so from here on out I will be watching all of my favorite t.v. programming in French and taking online courses.
Jayla’s Gathering of Knowledge
Weather (season)
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