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Jayla's Parthenon and Eiffel Tower.
Jayla’s Parthenon and Eiffel Tower.
I want to save as much money in the next 10 months as possible so that I won’t have to rely on my income while traveling.  Just in case I go somewhere and have a poor connection I can cancel my classes and not be concerned about money.
I’ve already taken some steps to getting my banking and credit cards fit for traveling.  My main bank is online and they just moved to the chip so that was one check for me.  I’m leaving my debit cards with a friend as back-up.  My online bank account doesn’t have transfer fees.
I’m limiting myself to two credit cards and leaving one with the same friend.  The ones I am taking have really high limits – I know they’re secretly trying to trap me because they raise my limits every few  months and I have to call and request a decrease.  If I don’t make that much in a month I don’t need access to it.  The two I am taking both offer incentives and cash back rewards.
My other card, my very first credit card, I remember when I first got it in the mail.  It was my freshman year of college.  I applied for it because the company was giving away free Dominos to everyone that filled out an application.  I did it for the free pizza.  I started with a $150 limit and let me tell you, it was a very joyous occasion.  I hightailed to the grocery store and got loose.  That $150 came just in time.  Sadly, I have to let it go as I just applied for a Priceline Visa credit card.  I need my credit card to have incentives and since I intend on flying often this card was a good match.  It’s not linked to a specific airline.  I’ll get points for all purchases, not just those made on the site.
I might just buy my tickets to Spain now.  Oh yeah, I’ve decided it will be Spain first, three weeks, and then France for two.  The rest is still up in the air.

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