Travel Plans

Everyday I genuinely wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, and happy.  I have something amazing to look forward to.  I spend all of my downtime looking up flight information, places to see/visit, and learning as much as I can about the places I intend on visiting.  I keep planning and re-planning my routes.
One thing I will be doing before I leave is heading back to Minnesota.  I want to let Jayla spend some time with her family before we take off.  I’ll probably go the last two weeks of July.  My art camps should be over by then.  Seeing as that I’m trying to save a few dollars every way that I can, I’ve noticed that if I fly out of Minneapolis the lowest ticket prices are about $1200; however, if I fly out of Chicago, the tickets go down to $800.  I’ll definitely be driving to Chicago to depart, that’s a savings of $800!!  A rental cost $50, gas about $60-80.  Yeah, I’ll definitely be driving to the ‘Go (hey Weeezzz) before I go.
Also, I’ve made the final decision, I’m not staying at hotels or hostels.  I’m all in with the Air Bnb.  They cost less, there are plenty of reviews, and it will be a more homey feeling, especially if I intend on staying somewhere for a long period of time. The best part is if the hostess lives in the building some of them can help with the navigation and I’ll get to know/meet someone before I traverse all across unfamiliar terrain.

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