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I’ve been called cheap but I prefer frugal.  It’s not that I don’t spend my money.  I just don’t spend it on frivolous things.  Every now and then I splurge but I have mastered a lack of want for instant gratification.  Just as I make my to-do list, I make a budget, nearly every month, even when my income isn’t going to change.  I have so many contract and side jobs that I like to know where my money’s coming from and when it’s coming.  As of now I am downsizing the number of side jobs I have and this means I need to watch my spending habits.  I am by no means wealthy (still working at it).  At least three times in my adult life I have lived below the poverty line but the way I save and spend no one would ever know.

So, how am I going to plan a trip around the world on a limited budget?
First, I drafted my income and noted where I could save.  I also tracked all my spending for a month to see where I was spending when I didn’t need to.
When I go on a spend freeze I involve my daughter and ask her to help me check my spending but I don’t want to go on a spend freeze now just so I can have fun later.  I still need to live so I found some ways to cut it down…
Hair Salon – I spend $200 a month getting my hair and Jayla’s hair done.  Since I have not intentions of visiting hair salons abroad I need to start caring for my own hair and I guess that can start now.  I can’t braid but I’ll have to learn (my flat twist game is strong).
Eating out – Although my fridge, freezer, and cabinets are well stocked, I still stop at Popeyes, Taco Bell, and Grand Slam when I’ve had an exhausting day and don’t want to cook.  And every Saturday, after dance, I take Jayla to Waffle House.  It may not be much but it added up to about $100.
*Shout out to Chanellica for the waffle maker*
Boom!  All that’s going into the travel savings fund.  I also decided everything I went out to eat I was going to double what I spent and put that in the savings too. (Update – That didn’t happen. I failed miserably).
As of now, the goal is to save $2000/month and now that I am putting my house on the market I will have some funds to come back to.
I have budgeted out $150/month for entertainment and miscellaneous for both Jayla and myself.  That means we’ll be attending a lot of free community events and when I go out I’ll be watching my pockets.

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