Work Smarter, Not Harder

Weekly Schedule
My weekly schedule as of October 2015

I’ve heard people say, “Make money doing what you love and you’ll love what you do.”

I enjoy teaching and educating the youth in my community.  After undergrad I went on to pursue my Masters alng with a MN teaching license but the idea of being a traditional teacher did not fit the idea I had of doing what I loved.
I love art, I love creating things, I love trying new things…especially food.  I’m 29 and still feel like I haven’t answered my daughter’s original question about what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Ten year old self, if you’re in there, please remind me what if my answer.  Somewhere along the way of developing great ideas and experiencing numerous ‘ah-ha’ moments, I lost momentum.  My focus was on my daughter and making sure I was okay but all the plans I had for uplifting my community became lost in the shuffle of life (working and paying bills).

 I am currently working way more than I need to.  I work for Atlanta Public Schools, another school in Midtown for international ESL students, an online tutoring company that I started as a side job back in 2008, two online English schools based  out of Asia, and I also have my own private students.  Whew!!  The way my schedule is set up I keep wondering when will the downtime come?  The whole idea of work hard so I can play later – when do I get to play?
Prior to moving to Georgia, when I was in Minnesota I took four mini trips a year.  I thought I was doing this to escape the cold. Working for the public school system had been a bonus for me because I still got all the breaks off that had become routine in my life – fall, winter, spring, and summer breaks and let’s not forget the half-days and holidays.
It’s time to stop and now that I’ve made up my mind that I am leaving I have to cut back and start planning.  The intense joy that I wake up with each day tells me this is the right move and that it will all work.  I’ll be able to rejuvenate and refocus and make sure my energy is properly placed on this planet.
While I’m abroad I don’t want to depend on incoming income so I have to start saving.  This is not a difficult task for me because I make a monthly budget and I am as frugal as they come.  Now, I have to start my preparations.


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