Boondocking: Are You Scared

I always get asked this question whenever I share my travel plans.

The answer is, “No.”

I can be assaulted in my home, at school, walking down the damn street…the mall, a movie theater, a church, and the list goes on.

For my own safety and my child’s, we are equipped for ‘just in cases.’ That’s a must even if we never traveled. I’m licensed and have a decent shot. We’ve taken numerous self defense classes and in every situation I’ve been in, I have been fortunate enough to get away.

I might have some anxiety but I always proceed with caution and stay aware of my surroundings.

This VanLife is bringing on different levels of anxiety though. We are boondock camping which means, my frugal ass isn’t paying for parking or going to campsites.

I’ve read every article I could come across about stealth camping and boondocking. It’s been very beneficial in our month of van living.


Park in residential neighborhoods

Make sure it’s not too rundown or too upperclass

If you do park in a residential neighborhood, leave by 8 am and park once you’re ready to go to sleep.

Check the Bureau of Land Management for public park camping

I use

Walmart, Cabela’s, Bass Lake Pro, RV World and other camping stores, and Cracker Barrel offer overnight parking

Call ahead, not all locations offer parking and only stay one night

So far, we’ve stayed at a Cabela’s and Bass Lake Pro shop that had designated RV and camper parking. When we stay in residential neighborhoods, I try to find apartment complexes with off-street parking.

Yesterday was our first experience just posting on someone’s block. I was a little anxious but I wasn’t scared.

And for anyone that tells women what they shouldn’t do because it’s not “safe” work on correcting the behavior of those that make it unsafe.

I do appreciate those that check on us with genuine concern.


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