Wine and Overwhelmed

Whenever people ask me how I balance running a business and homeschooling, I jokingly reply, “wine.” Honestly, most days I don’t know how it gets done.

I have my schedule, Jayla’s schedule, and my class schedules. Some days we complete every task; other days, we don’t. I’ve learned not to stress (my mantra: But, did you die). I would love to have a team or an accountability partner but I’ve hired people in the past. The problem is, I want things done the way I want it done. If the work tasks I outline cannot be completed that way I want them done, I at least want someone that can provide a more efficient way. That benefits me and them, they get work done faster and still get paid for their time.

I haven’t mastered the social media postings, blogging, videos, and all that. That is a task I would happily pass on to someone else. Right now, I am juggling my coaching/consulting clients, my online classes, the Us School project, Jayla’s homeschool schedule and her super private, soon-to-be-released project, prepping for the next semester with my private students, and our travel destinations. It can be overwhelming.

I have learned to take things a day at a time even though I tend to over plan (daily to-do lists, monthly budgets, redoing the same damn to-do lists). So, I don’t really use wine to unwind…most of the time.

Current schedule:

Online classes: Sunday-Tuesday and Thursday 9 am – 11 am.

Jayla’s schedule: Daily – math, current events, vocabulary word review; history/literature – combined Thursday; science – whichever museum we visit while we’re on the road. Her extracurricular classes are on hold until the fall.

Working with clients and completing feedback on my student’s work – In the evening and in between time.

Homeschool does not have to mirror traditional schooling. We spend about 1.5 hour with direct study and 1 hour on independent study.

It works. Could it work better? Probably. Am I stressed…not at all!

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