Workaway – It’s A No For Me

November 23, 2016 Jade Aliana 0

My first week here was awful.  I had a fever that wouldn’t quit.  My mini couldn’t keep food down and once she recovered she had to care for me until I got better.  I couldn’t […]

First 48

November 17, 2016 Jade Aliana 1

If you put too much energy into the negative you’ll miss the positive 1:20 pm  – After an overnight flight and a six hour layover we finally arrived in Nairobi, Kenya.  We departed our plane […]

Host From Hell: A New Plan

November 8, 2016 Jade Aliana 6

I’ve read so many comments about travelers having the worst host possible or dirty accommodations that look nothing like the pictures.  When I decided to book my rooms through AirBnB I only stayed in places […]

Catching Up With Yesterday

November 2, 2016 Jade Aliana 0

As much as I’ve been trying to let go of being so rigid and routine I’m still working on slowing down.  I know longer have 10 things on my daily to-do-list.  I’ve tried to minimize […]